**Submissions are hand verified. Please read the rules thoroughly! If you do not meet the following criteria, your site will not be accepted.**

1. Your site must have a webcam, and it must have at least *some* free content. Personal sites are highly encouraged.
2. Your cam image may display nudity, however due to 2257 laws you may NOT show explicit/hardcore material.
3. You MUST place your vote link back to Power Cams on your site immediately following your submission. Your site will not be accepted until you do this!
4. Your vote link must remain on the URL that you provide on your application at all times. Power Cams will automatically check for this link every 12 hours, and if it is no longer found on the page, your account will be placed on hold, and subsequently deleted if the link is not replaced. IMPORTANT: If you move your vote link to a different URL, you must update this information in your account settings so that the script knows where to find the link!
5. Last but not least, NO Cheating or attempting to artificially inflate your votes. Any attempts at cheating will have you banned from the list. This includes but is not limited to spamming, posting in newsgroups, and proxy voting. Such methods of voting are UNACCEPTABLE AND STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Sites caught cheating or in violation of these rules will be permanently removed and you will forfeit your right to ever be listed on Power Cams again.
6. If you believe another site is cheating, do not hesitate in contacting us.

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